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So you’ve got some great enhancements that you’d like to offer to other Intelledox users. How do you go about listing them on the marketplace? The first step is to make sure that you have everything necessary to demonstrate to us and for a listing to be completed. Here is what you’ll need to provide us:

A 300-500 word description of what you are offering for sale. Look to write both the key features and business benefits in this description. Potentially this will be used by our sales network to help find buyers for your listing.

Product image: You’ll also need to include a 300px  x 300px product image that we can use on the marketplace for your listing.

Product Documentation that covers requirements, installation, configuration and troubleshooting.

Your Business Logo – We’ll need this for your listing so that visitors can see 

Support contact details – (We’ll handle first level support but may escalate to you if there are more complex troubleshooting requirements).

Account contact details – who do we contact for paying you your share!

Pricing Information – So we know what to price the listing at.


For projects and project fragments we’ll need the ixpkg file for distribution.


Connectors and extensions require more. They are executable code and we’ll be distributing the binaries on your behalf. For these we will require:

Demonstration projects – These help your buyers smoke test their implementation and know they have set it up right. It also helps to show the capability of your development

Source Code – these are distributed as executable code, we’ll need to perform a code review to know what your connector is doing.

Test Projects:  When you developed your connector/extension etc, you would have also created test projects to ensure it works as specified. These are also helpful for testing against future versions of Infinti.

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