Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connector

The Infiniti Connectors for Dynamics CRM includes several integration components.


The Infiniti Connectors for Microsoft Dynamics CRM includes several integration components, as follows:

  • Data Provider
  • Create Entity Action
  • UpdateEntityAction
  • Create Relationship Action

Below is a description of each component and its functionality.


Dynamics CRM Data Provider

The Dynamics CRM Data Provider for Infiniti is used to read data from a Dynamics CRM environment.

This is useful for bringing back entity records, such as contacts, to populate drop- down lists in an Infiniti web form, or to populate a web form with specific entity information from CRM. It can also be used to make decisions dynamically based on data in CRM, for example based on the contact type in CRM you may wish to ask additional questions in the web form.

The data provider can also be used to automatically fill entity data in generated document outputs from Infiniti, such as Word or PDF documents, emails and other communications.

You can easily read data from multiple related entity records, and can add as many data questions to an Infiniti project as needed. You can also read data from custom entity types you may have added to your Dynamics CRM environment.

The CRM Data Provider also allows you to read data from Option Sets in your CRM environment. This is often useful for automatically populating drop-down lists in the Infiniti form for user selection.


Create Entity Action

Infiniti Actions are run when an Infiniti form is submitted, either when transitioning from one workflow step to the next, or submission of a completed form. The Create Entity action is used to create a new record of data in Dynamics CRM based on data submitted by the user. For example, after collecting the user’s information you may add them to Dynamics CRM using the contact entity type.

You can add multiple Create Entity actions in your project to create as many new entities as needed.


Update Entity Action

Similar to the Create Entity Action, the Update Entity Action is run when an Infiniti form is submitted, either during workflow transitions or at the end of the completed form, and updates an existing CRM entity record.

This can be used in conjunction with the other Actions for more complex interactions with CRM. For example, you may wish to update a contact entity record prior to relating that contact as a primary contact on a new entity record.

Create Relationship Action

The Create Relationship action is used to relate two entities in Dynamics CRM, and can be used in conjunction with the Create Entity action to create a relationship with a newly created entity.

For example, your form may collect information to create a new contact entity and you wish to add the contact to an existing account entity. Just remember that any actions you add to the Infiniti project run in the order placed, so when creating relationships and new entities, you must always create the new entities first.


Versions Supported

  • Dynamics CRM 2015
  • Dynamics 365
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