Introduction to Intelledox Infiniti

Learn about Intelledox Infiniti and see some of the product features in action.



Learn about Intelledox Infiniti with the Introduction Project.

The Introduction to Intelledox Infiniti project will teach you about some of the features you can use with Infiniti. This includes:

  • Text Fields
  • Layout
  • Multiple Choice
  • Numeric Slider
  • Ink
  • Rich Text
  • Conditions
  • Formulas and Variables
  • Data Sources
  • Repeating Sections
  • Work Flow
  • Actions
  • Word, Excel and PowerPoint Generation
  • And more

This is a great place to start learning about how Infiniti functions and how you may want to use these questions inside your own form. Open it up in design and see how all of these features are implemented.